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Get More New Patients By Improving Your First Visit Experience

The RAND group surveyed thousands of patients to discover what patients disliked about medical practices

This handout will teach you about the 5 most common mistakes and how you could use this information to improve your patient experience. Happy patients will stay, pay and refer more of their friends.

Better Visits = More Reviews Which Leads To More New Patients

A better first visit doesn't mean you're spending more time with the patient....

It just means you are spending quality time with them

Why am I sharing this?

My name is Naota Hashimoto, DC, and I'm a fellow chiropractor who would love to see the profession thrive. Running a busy medically integrated clinic with two MDs, two DCs, one PT, and many assistants, we were forced to make things efficient. We had a total of 22 staff and generated 3.5 to 4 million per year before I started a company called TrackStat.

TrackStat is a software company that integrates with various software in the chiropractor industry, but we are an efficient company at the end of the day. Helping doctors save time with their first visit and improving the first visit experience by the patient. It's not just about time savings on the first visit, but that's one of the components. The download is FREE, but you may want to consider checking out our software soon. I listed some of the features below, and I would strongly recommend having your office manager or front desk lead take a look at this because we solve a lot of problems in a busy office with one login for appointment reminders, 2-way texting, reviews, marketing, statistics, and patient management.

- Best, Naota Hashimoto, DC


2-way texting with patients

2-way texting from clinic phone number

2-way emailing with patients

Appointment Reminders

Online Patient Scheduling (in testing, releasing soon)

Text blasts

Email blasts

Birthday messages

Reactivation campaigns

New patient welcome messages

Review campaigns

Drip campaigns

Link multiple clinic data with 1 login

Daily financials and statistics

Weekly financials and statistics

Monthly financials and statistics

Comparison of financials and statistics based on the same period last year or by provider or case type

2-way integration with your EHR

Connects with many data points in your EHR

Marketing campaigns with advanced targeting capabilities
- Ability to target:
- 40-64 years of age
- Female
- Spent over $500 in your office
- With neck pain
- Has children
- Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance
- Last visit in last 6 months
- While excluding other criteria

Staff management - ability to see what your staff is working on

Tool to keep patients on their treatment plans

Tool to follow up with patients who did not start care

Tool to manage maintenance care patients

Tool to manage personal injury patients

Tool to manage cancelled and missed appointments

Financial comparisons between providers and case types

Statistics comparisons between providers and case types

Eliminate AR and boost appointments with our daily report

Quickly and easily identify ways to meet your office financial and statistics goals

ROI calculator to track advertising success and referral sources

We have more features but don't have room to list them all

Boost clinic profits by 10 - 20%

No long term contracts

Get all of these features for only $299/month



TrackStat Success Stories

TrackStat not only provides statistics, but it also gives our staff a tool to take action steps.

Dr. Coleman

As an office manager, TrackStat allows me to see what everyone's working on right now

Emily Downing

As a front desk, I love TrackStat because I know what the most important tasks are. This helps me keep the schedule full, which makes everyone happy.

Karely. A

It's a magnifying glass for ChiroTouch! It saves me so much time and effort! As an office manager, it's a must and our front desk loves this program.

Allison Duff, Office Manager

One of our pain points before TrackStat was retention and TrackStat solved that problem for us. The software is easy, and our staff love using and this program really consolidated the other programs that we were using previously.

Dr. Andrew Oteo

I stopped making spreadsheets and found this much easier to use than BlueIQ in my practice. As an AMI client, this has saved me a lot of headaches when keeping patients on their treatments, knowing my numbers, and running my practice like a business.

Dr. Tim Uselton

We have 18 medically integrated clinics with MDs, NPs, and DCs and it was really complicated getting data, trends and making analysis from ChiroTouch. Our staff uses it from records requests to managing a PI case. There is internal marketing, appointment reminders, reviews, and much more. Definitely pick up TrackStat.

Dr. Jonathan Walker

This isn't just a stat tracking dashboard, it's an easy way to boost those numbers with an easy to use workflow.

Dr. Wolf

Please Show Me How To Have A Perfect First Visit

What You Get

- FREE digital intake form template software use

- 5 mistakes doctors make on their visit visit and how to avoid them

Replace your other software plugins with one program and one login for everything your office needs. Our next 75 customers will have no set-up fee or long term contract.

Schedule your risk-free demo today!

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