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  • Multiple Providers
  • Accountability focused
  • Medical Integration
  • Solopreneurs
  • Profitability focused
  • Multi-Location

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The all-in-one software that integrates with your current EHR to grow your practice

We analyze everything, automate your day, find hidden revenue, fill your schedule and so much more

Hashimoto Chiropractic

“TrackStat is a true CRM program. It has allowed us to keep “track” of our patients in realtime, so that we can catch trends, positive or negative, versus retroactively discovering major issues. TrackStat has also eliminated many of our spreadsheets we were using, like the 3x/wk list, so it has helped increased the compliance of our docs reviewing their stats and patient management.”

Dr. Tony DeRamus, DC

8 locations in Houston, TX

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Daily Report

Begin each day the right way. Know who doesn’t have a future visit, balance, and more. Be prepared for your preshift huddle

Treatment Plans

Know which patients need to get back on track with their treatment plans

Patient Communication

Appointment reminders, email, and 2-way texting with your business number. Communicate from your computer or mobile phone.


Get more 5 star reviews so you’ll get more new patients

Online Scheduling & Forms

Make it easy for new or existing patients to schedule online and complete their intake paperwork

Personal Injury

Throw away those spreadsheets and manage your cases easily.

Dashboards and Stats

Numbers tell stories of how your practice is doing. Quit guessing and make sound business decisions.

Reactivate and Follow Up

Know which patients to reactivate or follow up with ones who are on their way to being inactive.

Marketing Suite

Why pay extra for marketing software that doesn’t even communicate with your EHR.

  • Monthly
  • Annually
AI patient tracking
Treatment plan compliance tracker
Daily patient report
Business number texting
2-way text/email
Message credits 1,000/mo3,000/mo8,000/mo
Additional message credits$15 per 1000 (optional)$15 per 1000 (optional)$15 per 1000 (optional)
Rollover texts
Appointment reminders
Online scheduling
Statistics galore
Build your own stats
Marketing suite
PI/WC case management
Monthly wellness management
Formdr integration (intake forms)
Mobile app for office
Missed call - Patient capture system$30 ($229)$30 ($279)$30 ($329)

save 20% on paying annually

AI patient tracking
Treatment plan compliance tracker
Daily patient report
Business number texting
2-way text/email
Message credits1,000/mo3,000/mo8,000/mo
Rollover texts
Appointment reminders
Online scheduling
Statistics galore
Build your own stats
Marketing suite
PI/WC case management
Monthly wellness management
Formdr integration (intake forms)
Mobile app for office
Missed call - Patient capture system $24 ($183)$24 ($223) $24 ($263)

Special pricing for multiple licenses

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We help all types of office staff with solutions for:

  • Front desk admin
  • Office managers
  • Case managers
  • Marketing staff
    • Doctors
    • Owners

Success Stories

TrackStat not only provides statistics, but it also gives our staff a tool to take action steps.

Dr. Coleman

As an office manager, TrackStat allows me to see what everyone's working on right now

Emily Downing

As a front desk, I love TrackStat because I know what the most important tasks are. This helps me keep the schedule full, which makes everyone happy.

Karely. A

It's a magnifying glass for ChiroTouch! It saves me so much time and effort! As an office manager, it's a must and our front desk loves this program.

Allison Duff, Office Manager

One of our pain points before TrackStat was retention and TrackStat solved that problem for us. The software is easy, and our staff love using and this program really consolidated the other programs that we were using previously.

Dr. Andrew Oteo

I stopped making spreadsheets and found this much easier to use than BlueIQ in my practice. As an AMI client, this has saved me a lot of headaches when keeping patients on their treatments, knowing my numbers, and running my practice like a business.

Dr. Tim Uselton

We have 18 medically integrated clinics with MDs, NPs, and DCs and it was really complicated getting data, trends and making analysis from ChiroTouch. Our staff uses it from records requests to managing a PI case. There is internal marketing, appointment reminders, reviews, and much more. Definitely pick up TrackStat.

Dr. Jonathan Walker

This isn't just a stat tracking dashboard, it's an easy way to boost those numbers with an easy to use workflow.

Dr. Wolf

The patient retention automation is unique and worth it alone. They know what it's like to run a practice and make life easier for everyone on the team

Dr. James Maggio

The integration with ChiroTouch is amazing, this a powerful yet simple to use software. Our staff loves it and so will you.

Dr. Mike Cormier

We get two 5-star reviews a day compared to our old software which produced two per month. Our staff uses TrackStat to prepare for the day.

Dr. Milo Thurber

"Helps with the front desk, marketing and accountability" We used to use another company that only did texting, appointment reminders, and marketing, but we switched to TrackStat because we wanted to make things easier for our team. As an office manager, I love how much TrackStat makes things easier for my team"

Heather, Office Manager

As a seasoned doctor, adding new technology can be intimating. TrackStat made the process easy by setting everything up for our practice and our staff love it

Dr. Alan Pine

We switched from Review Wave because there were too many features we wanted from TrackStat. The staff loves the software and it makes their life easier. I'd highly recommend TrackStat.

Dr. Hughes

I've been in practice for over 20 years, as the founder of Back Fit clinics we have 10 multi-specialty practices. With a combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical providers, along with a variety of payers such as cash, insurance, medicare, and auto, we needed a system to streamline our process.

This software fills in the gaps in your EHR making practice easier. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Radman 'Radi' Rahiminejad

"250 Google reviews in a few months" Our online reviews have increased by 250 in a few months and we've been able to reduce our overhead with more automation. We do a lot of insurance, personal injury and workers comp. It used to be a lot of work, but it's all easier with Track Stat

Dr. Tay Nguyen

Great for solo practitioners

TrackStat has become an integral part of my practice. A solo practitioner, TS has helped automate so many things to free up more time for what matters most- direct patient care. The report-generating capabilities for both the statistical and financial aspects are exceptional. The ability to communicate directly to patients with the texting application that can be on any workstation, or even my cell phone, is such a great tool. It has improved my workflow, automated onboarding for new patients, and allowed me to stay in touch with patients throughout their healing journey. I must emphasize the impact of the appointment reporting TS has developed; this is an invaluable adjunct to my EMR software. They have amongst the best customer support for training to learn more about the software's functionality and its power if you want to use it to its fullest potential. Thank you, TS, you’ve helped grow my practice more than I could have imagined.

Dr Jonathan Hartman

"It's been a Godsend" We have 7 personal injury offices and a friend recommended Track Stat for patient tracking. It prevents patients from falling through the cracks and staff love it. We're getting Google reviews and they love the patient communication."

Dr. Anthony Pirritano

The All-In-One To Cut Your Costs

Trackstat is the all in one software we always wanted. We were able to consolidate multiple services into one platform for 2 offices, which not only cut our overhead, but also simplified everything for our team. It has helped fill our schedule and provides feedback on where your practice has been and where it is going."

Ben Shamoiel, DC

A smooth transition

'We had team members concerned about learning a new software before we rolled this out. However, since it's intuitive, it was easy, and we have loved how easy it is to track patients, get stats and provide easy patient communication. We've been on it for 18 months, and the more we use it, the more it becomes an integral part of the practice. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow."

Michael Price, Hill Family Chiropractic

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of customers consult reviews.

Trackstat Automatically Collects Authentic Reviews

Ask Everyone Who Had An Appointment Or Just Patients That Scheduled A Future Visit Or Other Criteria.



Criteria of what kind of visits you will ask on and how often



Use text or email to ask

Hey Mary, thanks for coming to Smith Chiropractic today. I just want to know about your experience today. Rate it 1 through 5 with 5 being great!


Great to hear that you had a good experience. I'd like to ask you a favor, would you mind taking a few minutes to write a review for us, please? Your comments help others who are in pain and we would like to help as many people as we can. You can click the link here and leave us a Text or email survey



Only ask patients Who had a good experience



Remind those who Forget

Hey Mary, I sent you a link a couple of days ago, but didn't see you fill it out yet? Would you mind taking 2 minutes to write us a review? Here is the link:



Get more Google Reviews and grow your business

Boost Your Visits and Patient Experience with These Tools

Appointment Reminders

Automatic appointment reminders dramatically reduce no-shows and our cancelled and missed report helps your staff get them back on the schedule.

2-Way Texting and Emailing with Patients

We offer an easy to use inbox to search for replies or specific patients plus we have a quick messaging feature that allows you to send a single message from almost any screen within our software. That way you can be more efficient with your time.

Action Based Education

Why settle for an automated drip sequence when you can trigger messages/emails/texts based on the patient lifecycle? You fully control the patient experience and educate, and ask for referrals based on that specific patient's action.

Save Money and Grow Your Practice With Internal Marketing

Send Unique Birthday Messages To Your A's

Every program allows you to send birthday messages to everyone, but we allow you to segment your premium A patients from your regular patients. Now you could offer them special treatment on their birthday.

Smart Marketing Campaigns

Blasts, bulk, or group messages are great for one-time notification but a set of sequential emails and texts that pulls out converted patients from the campaign is more effective.

Group/Blasts/Bulk Messages

Send messages to a highly targeted group of patients. If you wanted to target a group of female patients between the ages of 40-64 that spent $500 or more with specific insurances you could do that with TrackStat

Run Your Practice Like A Real Business With These Tools

Active & Maintenance Care Tools

Staff can easily see who is isn't following their recommended active or maintenance care plan and easily reach out to them.

Know Your Numbers

Know your trends in statistics based on the year, quarter, month, week or day and compare between providers, case types, and other criteria. Make business decisions based on data rather than a gut feeling.

More Productive Staff

Statistics are great, but they are lagging indicators and TrackStat shows your staff what action steps they need to take to boost those statistics.

Watch Your Profits Grow With Focus and Accountability

Your staff is busy, and knowing what to focus on takes time. TrackStat automatically engages with your off-track patients and shows your team what to focus on today. Better patient tracking leads to better stats.

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