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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Connect To My EMR?

Cloud-based integrations are performed in the cloud. Server-based programs such as ChiroTouch or Eclipse have a communication program that connects with your software directly, allowing us to have all your necessary data in the cloud.

How Do I Access Your Program?

You will securely access TrackStat through our web-based application. That means you can access your data anywhere you have internet access.

How Much Training Is Required?

Our team members will guide you through the process and will assist your staff through any automation setups. Once those are set up once, you should not have to update them again. If any questions arise, please note that training is included.

TrackStat Hashimoto

Will This Really Give Me A 10-20% Increase In Profit?

Increasing your profit is simple. Attract more new patients. Convert more new patients into treatment plans. Track them through the completion of their treatment plan. Then convert them into maintenance care..

We have automation in place to move people through your practice, but if your staff had a list of patients to call that were on treatment plans or maintenance care or old qualified patients to call, they could easily get them back on the schedule. We have a patient visit booster that shows your team the easiest places to find patients in your database that are likely to schedule an appointment. You even have a collection per visit average and accounts receivable tool to help you increase your collections.

Even if you were already using another company for appointment reminders, reviews, online scheduling. Our patient tracking and statistics will help you take your practice to the next level, via staff driven systems.

What Type Of Practice Is A Good Candidate?

  • Low overhead offices who want to automate everything
  • Anyone who wants to prevent patients from falling through the cracks
  • Anyone who wants better staff accountability systems and NOT just automated reviews or appointment reminders
  • Anyone who would like to turn their practice into a successful business

TrackStat helps you:

  • Reactivate more patients
  • Improve Communication between staff members and patients
  • Increases your patient visits
  • Attract more patients with 5-star reviews
  • Schedule patients without staff interaction
  • Automate statistics
  • Achieve a staff driven office

TrackStat is an activity-driven program that helps your staff accomplish the most essential tasks within minutes—allowing your team to effectively multitask in between phone calls and patient appointments.

Our clinics may be slightly different, but we all share the same goal of doing more with less. TrackStat is a versatile software that helps us do more with less. Schedule a demo to see what TrackStat can do for your clinic at

I look forward to helping you do more with less.

Naota Hashimoto, DC

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