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Hi, I'm Naota "Noda" Hashimoto or Dr. H or H for those who can't remember my name. It usually is easy for people in the medical field because most remember Hashimoto's thyroiditis as a name association for my name.

You may be wondering why a chiropractor has gotten into technology? To be honest, it's always been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. Like many of you, I was drawn to chiropractic after an injury; I was initially in pre-dental until someone ran through a stop sign and hit me. I tried the traditional allopathic approach, which failed, and then someone suggested I go to a chiropractor.

I had been suffering for 6 months straight, even with regular PT sessions every week, but I wasn't getting better until I was adjusted, and then the lights went on.

Fast forward some years down the road, I graduated from SCUHS (formally LACC), and with some hard work and mentorship, I created a successful practice. My wife is a former financial analyst, chiropractor, and acupuncturist, and together we built quite a successful practice. I actually broke 60K per month by my 9th month in private practice when subleasing from another chiropractor. We added in medical, and at its peak, we were collecting around 3.6 million per year with just 2.5 providers.

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I'm not saying this to brag, but I've figured out many things to create a successful practice and heavily rely on successful systems. I know this sounds cliche, but it's true, and if you can create repeatable processes in your office that can be executed by your team, your life will be a lot easier.

One of my frustrations years ago was the lack of automated processes related to practice management software. At the time, I consulted a fair number of doctors and found similar issues with other practices. Even after using other third-party plugins for key performance metrics, we were still exporting data and creating our own spreadsheets because it wasn't the perfect dashboard. There was still double data entry, and none of it was attached to the follow-up and follow-through process. Plus, the more moving parts, providers, and service centers, the more likely I found patients falling through the cracks, wasted time creating spreadsheets, and frustrated staff.

I've been consulting others about marketing, seminars, and other processes but found the same issues in every practice. They had systems for follow up with patients, day 2/ROF, reactivations, and various others that relied on double data entry at one point. Their idea of automation was appointment reminders, reviews, scheduling, and basic stats, but this wasn't good enough for the systems I used for success.

I knew that sharing sheets or other programs that required the staff to do double data entry only led to errors or outdated information and was a complete waste of time, which is when I decided to make TrackStat years ago.

The software was designed from day 1 to provide a visual and workflows for each user. It allows the clients to make decisions based on real data filtered down by various criteria to make an effective decision based on data rather than gut feelings.

In the software world, it's common to have project management software, so your team members know what they are supposed to be working on, and so does everyone else in the organization. I didn't want to wonder what the status was regarding individual marketing campaigns or patients that came in last week.

In the marketing world, the best results happen when you deliver the right message to the right prospect, so we created all types of filters with our information. Our practice does a lot of marketing, and unfortunately, some people come in for a free coffee and consultation cup but were not a qualified patient. I was frustrated that all the third-party apps and practice management software did not get this issue.

They send recall messages to everyone who stopped coming in, and my clients would say 'big deal, it's a free text or email, why does it matter?"

I showed them that it did matter because if your team focused on the best patients, they could call them, mail them or give them a better offer, which is why we believe in reaching your best patients, as opposed to every one.

From there, we added process after process that we used in our office to build it, and with more automated processes in our office, we were able to trim our staff and improve our profits. Fortunately, we had this implemented before Covid-19, which helped us tremendously throughout that crisis.

We put so many processes in our TrackStat tool that our clients could boost their weekly production by 10 to 20 percent with about 15 minutes of effort per day.

The software has simplified my practice, and now I just check in once a week. This is most doctor's dream, and I've been able to do that with TrackStat.

Now we're sharing this with you, and others would really want automation in their office and not just an appointment reminder, email blast, reactivation, or 2-way texting.

You will benefit from this immensely if you are a high-performance chiropractor who:

  • See over 100 patients per week in their practice
  • Want to prevent patients from falling through the cracks
  • Want truly automated processes in their office and NOT just automated reviews or appointment reminders
  • Would like to turn their practice into a successful business

TrackStat helps you:

  • Convert more new patients into long term wellness care patients
  • Improve Communication between staff members and patients
  • Guides your staff through patient flow processes to stay focused on the most important tasks
  • Boost your practice without spending advertising dollars through internal marketing
  • Retain your best patients
  • Manage your practice with statistics and financials

TrackStat is an activity-driven program that helps your staff accomplish the most essential tasks within minutes—allowing your team to effectively multitask in between phone calls and patient appointments.

Our clinics may be slightly different, but we all share the same goal of doing more with less. TrackStat is a versatile software that helps us do more with less. Schedule a demo to see what TrackStat can do for your clinic at

I look forward to helping you do more with less.

Naota Hashimoto, DC

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