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Uncover the hidden gold mine in your practice with TrackStat for ChiroTouch

ChiroTouch users can maximize their profit with TrackStat

  • ChiroTouch is great for SOAP notes, billing, and scheduling. We've made it even better with our patient relationship software
  • TrackStat for ChiroTouch
    TrackStat for ChiroTouch

    All the solutions staff and owners need.... in one place for just $299/mo

    cut costs with trackstat

    Cut your costs and increase your profits

    TrackStat allows chirotouch users to focus

    Focus on what's most important right now.

    For less than $10 a day, this gives your staff a simple program to focus on attraction, conversion, follow up, service delivery, reactivation, and practice analysis. Not only does this save money by replacing other services, it will easily save a patient visit per day with improved efficiency.

    Identify and reach out to your best patients with a click of a mouse

    TrackStat helps you reach out to your best patients. This can be based on the amount they have spent in your office, type of insurance, age range, gender, and more. Don't waste your time reaching out to patients who only came in for a free consult. Focus your time and effort on taking care of your best patients.

  • TrackStat makes it easy to reach out to your best patients with the click of a mouse using automated campaigns. Other automation programs only segment your patients based on the last visit, provider, appointment purpose, and other useless metrics. Why would you waste your time reactivating bad patients?
  • Reactivation campaigns can be deployed within minutes and yield massive profits.
  • TrackStat doctors can focus on patient care
    TrackStat patient flow for chirotouch

    Convert more new patients that stay, pay, and refer

  • Most of us understand that internal and external marketing is great for generating more new patients, but conversion is the holy grail
  • One of the keys to higher conversion rates is merely following up with patients who haven't scheduled a future visit
  • Analyze your statistics and financials in real-time to make better business decisions based on numbers and trends rather than gut feelings

    TrackStat for ChiroTouch Analyze

    Success Stories

    TrackStat not only provides statistics, but it also gives our staff a tool to take action steps.

    Dr. Coleman

    As an office manager, TrackStat allows me to see what everyone's working on right now

    Emily Downing

    As a front desk, I love TrackStat because I know what the most important tasks are. This helps me keep the schedule full, which makes everyone happy.

    Karely. A

    This isn't just a stat tracking dashboard, it's an easy way to boost those numbers with an easy to use workflow.

    Dr. Wolf

    If you think your staff is following your systems, you are wrong...

  • Getting this information out of ChiroTouch is virtually impossible and requires data entry and combining multiple reports, which is difficult for anyone who isn't an excel or google sheets master.
  • Once you have the information, successfully setting up a reactivation campaign takes time, and our system does the heavy lifting for you.
  • ● Know who to target
    ● Create a list
    ● Pick your method(s) of contact
    ● See patients

    TrackStat allows chirotouch users to automate

    Turn your front desk staff into marketing ninjas with TrackStat

  • Know who to contact
  • Convert more leads with a simple follow up system
  • Tools for contacting patients
  • Keep active patients coming to prevent gaps in care using this system
  • Re-convert into maintenance
  • Manage auto-debit program within ChiroTouch
  • Workflows for managing insurance and personal injury cases to eliminate double data entry into a separate sheet

  • Easily track visits, billings, collections, and attorneys
  • Know what you are collecting per case, per visit, per attorney, per insurance, etc
  • Tools for contacting patients
  • Know which relationships are the best for your practice based on numbers and not a hunch.
  • Trackstat shows you where to focus and what areas to correct in your practice for higher profits. Most practices see benefits within hours of implementation of our easy to use software. Set up fees and long term contracts waived for our next 50 clients

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